New You: Simple Tips for Self-Improvement

New You: Simple Tips for Self-Improvement

Written by guest contributor Carrie Spencer

If you’ve been experiencing a drop in confidence, a relapse of bad habits, or you’re just in a rut, it may be time to make some changes to your routine. With some self-improvement strategies, you can build stronger relationships, make better decisions and set the tone for a brighter future - here are a few to consider.




When we want to see improvement in our lives, it’s important to factor in our physical health and surroundings. The way we treat our bodies and manage our local environment can affect everything from mood to productivity.


  • Diet/Exercise: Better physical health begins in the grocery store. Whenever possible, try to substitute fast food with fresh produce and plenty of fruit - you’ll find no shortage of recipes online to help you use these. It’s also necessary to supplement your diet with a lively exercise routine, preferably one that features plenty of cardiovascular exercises (such as jogging, rowing, box fit, or other activities that make you sweat).


  • Sleep: It’s difficult to overstate just how crucial a good night’s sleep can be to our overall health - affecting everything from our immune system to our ability to concentrate. If you struggle with insomnia, you can often help yourself by reducing caffeine intake, drinking more water, reading, and cutting off screens well before bedtime.


  • Home environment: Maintaining a clean and positive home environment is paramount for improved mental health. You can start by decluttering, replacing bulbs, and carrying out a deep clean - online guides (such as those provided by can provide you with expert cleaning advice and in-depth product reviews.




Being aware of and taking steps to improve mental health is key to self-improvement. Here are a few areas to consider.


  • Relationships: The people we surround ourselves with factor into our self-esteem and happiness. It’s important, therefore, to seek out friends and partners who contribute positively to our mental state. Take measures to ensure you’re attracting the right people.


  • Meditation: There are multiple forms of meditation, each granting unique advantages to the individual - these include (but are not limited to) improved calm, focus, and self-awareness. Make sure you’ve researched the various practices to find one that suits you.


  • Counseling: When you’re looking to improve yourself and the way you interact with others, counseling can prove invaluable. A counselor can help you to deal with specific issues, such as bereavement or relationship obstacles, and many services will allow you to book an individual session to see if it’s for you.




Considering how much time we spend in a professional context, it would be remiss not to address this area of your life as you seek to self-improve.


  • Reskilling: Thanks to remote learning, it’s now possible to fit your studies around your existing routine. The potential is limitless - you could, for example, earn a degree completely online that would further your professional ambitions. To view accredited courses, click here.


  • Transitioning: If you’re feeling directionless in your current role, it may be time to consider a transition. The vast array of digital tools, such as resume builders, job portals, portfolio templates, and more, make this process easier than ever.


Deciding that you want to be better is the first and most important step toward self-improvement. With a positive attitude and a clear action plan, there’s no reason you can’t flourish in the new year and beyond.


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