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About RAD Children's Furniture

In 2008, Radomir Samardzic started RAD Children’s Furniture at a time when he was a relationship coach and consultant leading workshops in Communication, Teamwork and Leadership, and his wife Antoinette was a RIE® facilitator. After making most of the furniture in their house, he was looking for another creative woodworking outlet when the parents from Antoinette’s RIE® classes started asking him to make furniture and climbing structures for their children. That was the beginning of RAD.
Today RAD Children’s Furniture is a well-established although still small custom shop. Recently Radomir has brought in a partner, John, to help keep the business running smoothly and efficiently.

Our products are designed to help parents, schools, day-care centers and caretakers in general provide a safe environment for children to play. To a child, it really is not "play," but an enthusiastic learning process which must be respected as such, that fosters agility, builds self-confidence, and encourages concentration and focus, etc.

We at RAD make every item with the utmost care in our home-based woodworking shop in Los Angeles, California. In the interest of your child and our legacy to their generation we only use environmentally friendly materials.

We listen and follow the advice of caregivers and parents who are committed to the principles of RIE®,  Pikler,  Reggio,  Montessori,  and Waldorf, so we are always endeavoring to come up with new products, whilst at the same time constantly improving on existing designs. 

About RIE®

The “Educaring Approach” is based on the principles of Magda Gerber, founder of RIE® (Resources for Infant Educarers®). It is a comprehensive approach to caring for babies and toddlers and is based on the PIKLER approach, developed by Emmi Pikler in Hungary while she was caring for orphan infants after WWII. Respect for the babies’ innate curiosity and wisdom is the basis of this approach, which has proven to have a lifelong positive impact.

About Our Products

All the furniture we make is hand-made of either 100% Birch EuroPly or bamboo, bonded safely using a No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) resin and is FSC Certified and CARB 2 compliant, finished with an environmentally safe, non-toxic water-based sealer. Some parts, such as dowels and table legs, are made of solid wood.

N.B. All items are made only after an order is placed.