About us

RAD Children’s Furniture was founded with a vision to empower parents and child caregivers to empower children to fully be themselves, to grow at their own pace, to enjoy the wonderment of being a toddler and child – to fully express themselves through movement, the power of imagination and the joy of becoming. Our furniture and play products are the offshoots of many schools of developmental thought.

We draw from the teachings of Magda Gerber, founder Resources for Infant Educarers® (RIE®), an early childhood educator best known for teaching parents and caregivers how to understand babies and interact with them respectfully from birth. We draw of the following basic principals when developing our products:
  • A child is trusted to be an initiator, explorer, and self-learner
  • An optimal environment for child development is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing
  • Children need time for uninterrupted play
  • Toddlers and children require the freedom to explore and interact with other children
  • Children benefit from involvement in all care-giving activities as active participants rather than as passive recipients
  • Caregivers need to carefully observe children in order to understand their needs
  • Consistency and clearly defined limits and expectations are needed to develop discipline
Integral to the principles RAD products is Dr. Emmi Pikler, Dr, Gerber’s mentor, who believed children should be allowed to freely explore at their own pace in an experience-enhancing environment that naturally stimulates development. A globally popular product inspired by Dr. Pikler is our line of RAD climbing triangles and add-on ramps and other rocking, climbing, crawling and balancing products. We also draw inspiration from Maria Montessori, an early proponent of sensorial stimuli as integral to early childhood development as well as from the early educational practices of Waldorf and Reggio Emilia child-directed methods, espousing the philosophy that learning must make sense to even the youngest student in order to be effective and meaningful.

Handmade by Master Craftsman in Los Angeles

Each hand-crafted piece of RAD children’s furniture is made at our Southern California facility by master craftsman who have one goal in mind: to provide parents and educarers the tools to stimulate freedom of movement and expression to foster healthy minds, bodies and imaginations. Call it play, exploration or gross motor development – the end result is the same. Children gleefully embrace mastering gross motor refinements, socialization skills, problem-solving, creativity and focus -- facilitated by our tools for growth, fluidity of motion and unique expression.

Meet Our Founders


Radomir is your quintessential Renaissance Man. Forget his advanced degree in economics from a prestigious European university, or his long-spanning career as a relationship coach, corporate consultant and early years as a photographer – and fast forward to the formation of RAD Children’s Furniture.

In 2008, Radomir was leading workshops in communication, teamwork and leadership at a time his wife, Antoinette, was working as a RIE® facilitator. To decompress from work, Radomir made furniture – lots of it. In fact, most of the furniture in their home except for a few generational antiques, came from his hands. Looking for an expanded woodworking outlet, parents from Antoinette’s RIE® classes started asking him to make furniture and climbing structures for their children. The rest is history. RAD Children’s Furniture was born, but it doesn’t end there.

Several years later, Radomir met John who had just had his first child in 2016. A college graduate, who enjoyed a career as an entertainment executive, John preferred working with his hands and thrived in the DIY space. By the time Radomir and John had met by chance, John had already made his first Pikler Triangle in celebration of his daughter’s first steps. Excited by the opportunity to offer his woodworking skills to other young families and help empower future generations, John moved on from entertainment to join RAD full-time in 2018.

Since then, John had grown both the company and his family. John continues to optimize production, adding products, state-of-the art equipment, refining processes while nurturing the growth of in-house craftsman and building the expanding community of RAD Children’s Furniture families and educarers

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