Our Materials

If we had to mention only one characteristic of our products and company it would unequivocally be quality. The quality of our products begins with the careful selection of the highest quality materials and components available. For certain components, such as table legs and dowels, we use solid Birch - a beautiful and strong hardwood grown and milled in North America. Birch is so strong it is the preferred choice for baseball bats.

For nearly every other part of our furniture and play structures, we use a EuroStyle BirchPly. This durable and attractive wood consists of 13 layers of birch bonded together using a Urea Formaldehyde Free resin. It is then sealed with a UV-cured finish that is not only easy to clean but contains zero VOC's so you can rest assured that you are keeping the air quality clean in your child's environment.
Did you know?
-Plywood manufacturing achieves a more complete utilization of a log than hardwood manufacturing. Our wood is FSC certified, meaning that it comes from responsibly managed forests, a more sustainable and environmentally friendlier use of trees.
-Pound for pound, plywood is stronger than steel in static bending strength. What makes plywood so strong is its unique cross-layered structure.
-Unlike the 1/2-inch Baltic Birch used in the majority of children's products, our professional-grade 3/4-inch BirchPly is the strongest on the market so your furniture can withstand even the most energetic play.
-Our wood contains no MDF or cheap softwood fillers. It is made entirely of 13 plies of birch hardwood.
Is your furniture formaldehyde free?
Traditionally, Urea Formaldehyde has been used as an inexpensive glue to bond plywood and MDF.  The dangers of formaldehyde in plywood is a hot topic. The EPA recognizes prolonged exposure to formaldehyde causes respiratory problems and increased risks of cancer.  While levels of Urea Formaldehyde in a majority of plywood have been greatly reduced through CARB II compliance, it can still take years for it to fully off gas.  We believe investing in the health and safety of all humans is a priority which is why we use a BirchPly that is both CARB II compliant AND made without the use of Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF).
We are committed to providing only the very best for your child, your home and the Earth. Through the selection of safe, sustainable and eco-friendly materials we strive to be an example of what responsible manufacturing should be.