Parenting working from home with a baby

Resources for Frazzled Parents Who Are Working from Home With Kids

Let's face it, "working from home" when you've got kids running around usually doesn't involve getting much actual work done. As a parent, juggling the kids plus your job can be overwhelming. If you find yourself turning to unhealthy habits to cope–like stress eating—it's time to make a change. These resources can help you reclaim your zen.


Create a Healthy Home for You and Your Kids


It will be easier to nix bad habits if your home is designed to support healthy choices.


  • Look for products for your house that safeguard your and your children's health, like toxic-free cleaning products. Read online reviews so you can buy with confidence.

  • Set up a meditation space for yourself and declare it a kid-free zone.

  • If your house isn't big enough to accommodate working from home plus kids, it may be time for an upgrade. Use a home affordability calculator to see what you can afford.


Find New Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied


Keep your children busy—and out of your hair—with these pointers.



Know When It's Time to Get Help


Parenting doesn't have to be a solo show. Try these resources to make things easier.


  • Try these tips for asking friends or family to help out with child care.

  • Use popular resources to find child care in your area, like Winnie and Urban Sitter.

  • If you're still struggling with unhealthy habits, get help. For example, working out with a friend can be a great way to blow off steam.

  • An online therapy platform like BetterHelp can help you deal with issues like stress.


Being a parent is a huge joy—but it's also stressful at times. When you're scrambling to stay on top of child care and work, it's easy to fall into bad habits to cope with the pressure. The resources above can make parenting easier and support you in making healthier choices.



Written for RAD Children's Furniture by guest contributor Carrie Spencer

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