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New Product Alert: Welcome RAD DeskEasel bund and Skoolhaus Chair

It's a big day at RAD Children's Furniture as we launch our Montessori-inspired RAD DeskEasel, a desk attachment that converts any RAD climbing triangle into a fun and functional workspace. For customers who already have a climbing triangle, the RAD DeskEasel bundles with the desk attachment and roll of pull-down creative paper.

As if one product launch this week wasn't enough, we are also launch the RAD Skoolhaus Chair that expands on our Montessori-influenced line of toddler furniture that includes the popular RAD Montessori Cube Chair.

The modular RAD DeskEasel Set draws primarily from Montessori with overtones from Resources for Infant Educators (RIE®) and was inspired by a Northern California early childhood educator, Tracy Neal, who expressed her desire to provide students with both creative/study space and a vehicle for play and gross motor development that took space limitations into consideration. The RAD Deskeasel solves this in-school and at-home concern.  

RAD Deskeasel Triangle Set: This RAD DeskEasel Triangle Set is the perfect combo of products to entice children to play and create in an environment of their own. It is a desk that easily transforms into an easel and vice-versa. Any RAD Pikler-inspired triangle can be used as the base and can be purchased as a bundle.

The climbing triangle will help with your child’s gross motor development as it provides hours of active fun. Then, when your child wants to delve into crafts, drawing or painting, the attachment will create the DeskEasel configuration, and the climbing triangle quickly transforms into a creative space.

One of the features of the RAD DeskEasel is that height ben be adjusted and the workstation can be paired with any RAD school or chair or the RAD Skoolhaus Chair.

RAD Skoolhaus Chair: The RAD Skoolhaus Chair ensures that your child is well-seated to naturally encourage learning and creativity as their need to readjust  for comfort and posture is minimized. The RAD Skoolhaus chair comes with thoughtfully placed footrests and handles to make navigating the chair easier.  It is perfect for both home and school settings and pairs with all RAD Preschool Height tables and is a great match for the RAD DeskEasel.

All RAD Children’s Furniture products are made from 13-ply Sustainable Formaldehyde-free Euro Birch which is both durable and attractive. Sealed with a Zero VOC UV cured finish.

“We apply a multitude of philosophies in the development of our products. The RAD Deskeasel set draws primarily from Montessori with overtones from Resource for Infant Educarers, however, we also honor Waldorf, Reggio and other methods. The RAD DeskEasel provides an unrestrictive environment that inspires both physical and mental activity with slight variation in the same structure. This is exciting to us because we are allowing toddlers and children to easily and interchangeably function between these activities,” said RAD Children’s Furniture founder Radomir Samardzic.

“It is important to us to be as versatile with our products as we can so that a child’s passion for self-discovery is continually inspired. Young early adopters of the RAD DeskEasel have shown unique enthusiasm for the product as they seamlessly go from physical play to creative activities while early infant educators enjoy the product’s ease-of-use and versatility,” said RAD Children’s Furniture co-owner and industrial designer John Poortinga.

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