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Rectangle Table
great bamboo table for children with stools
Rectangle Table

Rectangle Table

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A nice big Rectangle Table to fit many children.

Many configurations can be made with Square, Rectangle and Trapezoid Tables.  Two Trapezoids together make a Hexagon table; Two Trapezoids and a Rectangle make an Octagon; or get creative with endless options to accomodate many children in any space.

Note: Stools sold separately

Additional Information

The table legs are easily interchangeable or dismantled for storage.

Additional set of legs are available so that the table may continue being used as your child grows


48” x 24”


Table Heights:

Infant 8” - for children sitting on the floor

Toddler 13” - for children sitting on our Toddler Stool

Preschool 19” - for children sitting on our Preschool Stool

Custom heights available by request at no extra charge


Need a different size table? If it’s close to our standard size, we’ll happily customize it for free. Send us your dimensions for a quote.


Height Guidelines

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All the furniture we make is hand-made of either 100% Birch EuroPly or bamboo, bonded safely using a No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) resin and is FSC Certified and CARB 2 compliant, finished with an environmentally safe, non-toxic water-based sealer. Some parts, such as dowels and table legs, are made of solid wood.