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Product photo of our Foldable Pikler Triangle on a white background.
Child climbing over our foldable pikler triangle and pikler slide.
Foldable Pikler Triangle (Large)
Foldable Pikler Triangle (Large)
Toddler climbing on top of pikler triangle in front of a large picture window in the morning.
Infant using the pikler triangle to pull themselves up into a stand for the first time.
Foldable Pikler Triangle (Large)
Girl holding onto the rungs of a folding pikler triangle to practice her gross motor skills.
A little boy confidently climbs up the pikler triangle to the top.
This pikler triangle made a great christmas gift for one of our young customers.
Infant climbing up the ramp and bars of the foldable pikler climbing triangle
Boy climbing up his pikler triangle as an early morning workout.
The Folding Pikler Triangle with slide is a classic montessori toy for the home and classroom
Product photo of the foldable pikler triangle folded up.
The pikler triangle with slide.  Our most popular product.

Foldable Pikler Triangle (Large)

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This is the larger version of our Foldable Climbing Triangle.  For something slightly smaller, check out our Small Foldable Climbing Triangle.  Or if something even bigger, check out our Jumbo Foldable Climbing Triangle.

Inspired by the design by Emmi Pikler, our Foldable Climbing Triangle is one of the most versatile and thus one of the most useful items for developing motor skills in our line of play structures. It gives children a chance to develop all sorts of skills appropriate for their age. Climbing on the bars gives them sense of place of their body in space where they have an opportunity to test, retest and perfect their climbing abilities using all their limbs and body.

The add-on climbing ramp is especially interesting to them. They have the choice to adjust the climbing angle depending on their ability and courage, as well as to choose the side with ladder rungs or flip it over for a smooth slide. Variations are many, suitable for beginner athletes as well as advanced ones and everyone in between.

Choose between two ramp options: Short or Long. 

The Short Ramp (12"x46") is great for the smaller play space or home. It's more compact for easier storage and transportation. As a slide, it's suggested to keep it at a lower height than the Long Ramp for an adequate slope.

The Long Ramp (12"x58") Is our most popular option. This is best for schools, child centers or for the dedicated play room in your home. It allows for a proper slope to use the slide all the way from the top rung of our Pikler Triangle.

Given children’s imagination, the climbing structure and the ramp can have many uses originally not designed for, like a house.  Just throw a sheet over it, make a barrier between one part of the room and another, tunnel and a passage to somewhere else.  Or place one side of the Ramp on the Triangle and the other side on one of our Stools or Play Frames to create a balance beam.

Additional Information

Folds up for storage and easy transportation

Includes lock knob to keep Triangle from closing

Please don't leave your child unattended while playing

Inspired by the original Pikler Triangle designed by Emmi Pikler


Open: 28"L x 36"W x 29" H
Folded: 28"L x 7"W x 35" H

Note: The distance between rungs is 3" according to the regulations


Choose to assemble it yourself or have us professionally assembly it for you so it's ready to play right out of the box.

Assembly level of difficulty is moderate and will take 30-60 minutes.  If you struggle with Ikea assemblies, we recommend you purchase the assembled version.

Tools needed for assembly: Electric screwdriver, Hammer, Glue (optional)


All the furniture we make is hand-made of either 100% Birch EuroPly or bamboo, bonded safely using a No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) resin and is FSC Certified and CARB 2 compliant, finished with an environmentally safe, non-toxic water-based sealer. Some parts, such as dowels and table legs, are made of solid wood.

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