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Crawling Ramp
Jessica O. (Minneapolis, US)
We love the RAD ramp!

When we brought this (super easy to assemble!) piece of equipment into our infant room, the babies were immediately drawn to it. They were crawling in from the sides, cruising around the outside, going up the ramp and down the step, up the step and down the ramp, and the smiles were enormous! Thank you so much to the awesome guys at RAD for designing this ramp and putting it into production! Highly recommended!

Thank you for your kind words and for including our Crawling Ramp for your infant room! We are thrilled to hear that it is providing so much joy and exploration for the children. We value our partnership with you and your school greatly. Your recommendations are truly appreciated!

Rectangle Table
Anonymous (Newton, US)
Best table ever!

I got the 30" X 46" table with 13" height legs for our family room and it has become the favorite item in the room! We all enjoy gathering around it. Delighted with my purchase.

Montessori Cube Chair
Anonymous (Newton, US)
A wonderful cube chair

A wonderful chair! An instant favorite! Visually attractive and well designed to accommodate young kids of various ages. Thank you RAD for great craftsmanship.

Grow Stool
Anonymous (Providence, US)
Versatile stool

The grow stool is an unassuming treasure. Easily tucked away; can be turned around on all sides for baby to play with safely. Our baby is obsessed with the visible screws - but it doesn’t seem to pose a problem.

DeskEasel Triangle Set
mighty m. (Moyie Springs, US)
Jumbo triangle fits behind the door!

I put the jumbo triangle and easel together by myself using the included tools. The triangle fits behind the door for storage! I was reluctant to purchase because I didn’t know where I’d possibly store such a large item, but it folds nicely to fit behind a standard size door.

I didn’t buy any smaller triangles, just went straight for the jumbo. Appears to be good quality and I especially like the locking mechanism. Simple, but effective.

Changing Table
Laura J. (Durham, US)
Great for infant classroom

I'm a Montessori and RIE trained teacher and use this changing table set on the floor for infants/young toddlers who can stand. It is excellent support for diapering - much better than a bar on the wall, as it allows for more movement and turning to engage with caregivers. My students crawl or toddle over to it happily and are able to safely participate in changes. There is sufficient room to set a potty on it for those who are starting toilet learning. Note that it's a snug fit for a standard changing pad, which restricts movement during a change, and it's nearly impossible to find a flat pad usually used in classroom settings (those are all too long). I keep a pad beside the table in case an infant wants down mid-change, but place it coming out longways instead of slotting in. I have a traditional changing table for infants who still need to lay down.

Wooden Table Legs (Extra Set)
Alexander (Menlo Park, US)
The table is perfect

The table and chairs are perfect for my 12 month old granddaughter’s. The twins sat at the table at thanksgiving.
The instructions for putting together the table and chairs made it easy enough for an 80 year old grandmother to put everything together.

Tiered Montessori Bookshelf
Andrew S. (Los Angeles, US)
Beautiful and Functional

This shelf is the perfect size and height for my young child. She absolutely loves seeing her books displayed, and can't wait to go pick out her favorites for story time!

The quality and care put into the design and build are top notch. It was also easy to assemble, and included helpful hardware (wrench & drill bit options are great). We're very happy with this shelf, as well as the other items we've purchased from RAD!

Rectangle Table
Cinthya (Seattle, US)

Beautiful and well made tables as well as excellent customer service.

Thank you!


Toddler Tower
Martin S. (Denver, US)
Fantastic Quality

Very pleased! The wide learning tower is plenty big enough for both kids at the counter. They even included a drill bit as well as the alan wrench, so I was able to put it together pretty quickly. Shipped UPS, box had a couple good dings, but was packed well enough that it didn't matter. Would recommend and we'll probably look here first as our needs evolve.

Pikler® Triangle
Lana (Los Angeles, US)
Well made

Very sturdy. My baby enjoys climbing on his triangle, and I think it is a great tool to help encourage climbing!

Balance Beam
mighty m. (Moyie Springs, US)
Big puzzle!

Upon first seeing the balance beam, my little toddler baby exclaimed, “big puzzle!” and after we put that big puzzle together, I walked on it showing the use as a balance beam. Probably confused my little one, but it’s now considered a big puzzle that can be walked on!

There are two slight imperfections, one of which kind of concerns me, but not very much. A portion of edging on one of the boards wasn’t sanded as smoothly as the others, and a small section where it wasn’t sanded smooth had a pokey piece of loose wood which I peeled away, so now it’s better but not as smooth as the edges of the other boards. I am hoping the edge doesn’t catch on anything causing the piece that’s not flush with the board to become loose and peel away.

And of less importance, merely affecting appearance, one board has an indentation where something may have been dropped on it.

Those two minor imperfections aside, my baby and I are enjoying our new big puzzle balance beam! I was contemplating buying more boards to add to it, but four are more than enough to start out with using.

Side note: before ordering, I contacted customer service and received some of the best, thorough and kind responses I’ve ever received from any company, on any matter. The quality of communication made my decision to place my first order with them an easy one. Now I am planning my next order!

Thank you for the thoughtful and in depth review! We're pleased to hear that although there was some damage to your beam, that the overall experience has been an A+. :)

While we appreciate you not making a big deal of the imperfections, smooth edges are something that we pride ourselves over and we apologize for missing some on your balance beam. Please email us at with your order number, a description of the items damaged, and any relevant photos so that we can get replacements sent out to you ASAP.

Thanks again for choosing RAD and providing us with the feedback. We appreciate you being a part of our community. Enjoy the 'big puzzle!'

Tiered Montessori Bookshelf
Rishi (Alexandria, US)
Blew away expectations

I don’t know what I was expecting, but this blew away any of my expectations. Beautiful piece of furniture that is appropriately heavy (feels very solid), and books fit perfectly. I thought shelves may be too narrow for some of the bigger board books based on pictures, but there is plenty of room as shelves are deeper than I thought. It was super easy to assemble, and it came with an a hex wrench and drill bit. Drill bit was a super nice touch and made assembling even easier. I could assemble it as one person who has limited assembly experience. If you are new to assembly, like me, make sure to install an anti-tip kit! There are instructions on RAD's website, or on youtube. Our child absolutely loves this and I was able to assemble the entire thing very quickly. So beautiful and so happy with it! They love running and picking their books and it helps them (and us) by removing visual clutter. She loves picking out books even more now that they face forward and makes book rotation easier. Added a picture so you can see.

Tiered Toy Shelf
Rishi (Alexandria, US)
Beautiful shelf that’s sturdy and easy to assemble

The furniture is beautiful and incredibly well crafted! We didn’t notice any odors or off gassing, which made us feel comfortable. The instructions were clear enough and it feels very very sturdy. Our daughter also loves it and has helped us with reducing clutter and toy rotation! It looks beautiful, pictured attached including next to the bookshelf.

Square Table
N.M. (Manassas, US)
Use All The Time

I love the toddler height square table. At first I wasn't sure if to get that one or the infant one for my 12 month old at the time but the Chat representative was very helpful and suggested the toddler would be the best option for us. I paired it with the Montessori cube chair and it's perfect! My son uses the table all the time in the kitchen, out on the deck, in the living room -- he will sit down and eat and other times he'll use it to play. The table is sturdy and easy to clean. It is heavy to lift with just one hand if my other one is occupied holding my toddler. I like how it has rounded edges and corners. It is level on wood, tile, and carpet flooring.

Montessori Cube Chair
AmyD (New Albany, US)
Beautiful Table and Chairs

The table and chairs look great in our church nursery. The children love them!

Round Table
Dana M. (Orange Park, US)
Twins Love Their Table!

Double endorsement from the twins, who love playing at their round table. I’m so happy with the quality and durability, and I know it will be a place of making memories for years and years.

Pikler® Triangle
Simone (Sylmar, US)
Best in the business

We absolutely love all your products and look forward to adding more to our collection! YouTube video placeholder
Love our bookshelf

This bookshelf is such a great quality. We love the company and their customer service. Very happy with our bookshelf!

Pikler® Triangle
C.O. (Columbus, US)
Top quality product

We have really enjoyed our Pikler Triangle purchase so far. Our 8 month old took to it right away and loves holding the bars and bouncing or climbing a couple steps up. I can tell he will get many years of use out of this well made and safe product. Love the feature to close and store away if needed. We will likely purchase the ramp next to accompany the triangle. Highly recommend!

Pikler® Triangle
Lisa M. (Huntsville, US)
Great quality and amazing product

Recently got this for our 9mos old, she's using it to pull herself up to stand currently. Very sturdy and great quality, I'll be purchasing a climbing ramp to go along with it and other products too!

Kidney Table
Jean C. (Alpharetta, US)
Quality furniture

We are so happy with these well-made, high-quality tables. They are beautiful and sturdy. The customer service was prompt and helpful in responding to my questions!

Toddler Tower
J.H. (Los Angeles, US)
Learning Tower

We got the learning tower for my baby turning one and he absolutely loves it. When he crawls into the kitchen he immediately climbs up it and loves to look around. It also motivates him to stand unassisted for long periods of time which I think is getting him more confident to start walking. I’m also really impressed how quickly he learned to crawl up it and back out without any help. I’m so glad we have this I can see it being a household favorite for a long time!

RAD Redux
Jennifer H. (Walnut Creek, US)
Love our redux table and chair

We purchased a redux chair and table and absolutely loved it! Our 15 month old loves that he has right-sized space for himself and we love that the product is made of non-toxic, high quality materials and is built to last. The flaws are minor/aesthetic and we know these prices are only going to get more wear and tear over the years, so the savings were well worth it! We also love that these peices get a second chance at life and didn’t end up in a landfill.

I had a few questions regarding the redux, and RAD responded to me same day in a Saturday. Awesome customer service!

We are now big fans of RAD!

Jessica O. (Saint Paul, US)
Pikler Labyrinth: Exceptional Quality, Wonderful Choice for Infants!

I am the Montessori Director for 12 schools in Minnesota, and I have ordered SEVERAL of these. They are very simple to assemble, comes with everything you need. They are an exceptional value for a beautiful, handmade piece of equipment. And best of all, the babies LOVE it. They should be placed away from a wall, so that the infants can pull up and cruise around the entire structure, they crawl through it, peek up through the roof, and love to drop items in the hole and find them down below--a giant object permanence box! The edges are soft and safe. Definitely recommended!!