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Steps / Rocking Boat


On one side, a Rocking boat. Flip it over and it becomes a set of Stairs!

Using this item as a set of steps, it will become a favorite of little "crawlers" as well as those who are not very steady on their feet. They will go up and down and over and back again until they can do it with "their eyes closed." This is a great precursor to taking on real more intimidating steps.

As children become a little older, turn it into a Rocking Boat where they can have fun together with their friends. It teaches teamwork while providing fun and exercise. Learning how to play with others in a group and that one child is just as important as the other one for "keeping balance." This translates into many other areas of life where they will have to depend on others as well as to be there for them to facilitate success in play, work and ultimately life itself.

   46"L x 24" W x 11" H

NOTEThis product ships unassembled. The dowel and steps need to be placed into holes using a rubber mallet or similar tool.  Electric Screwdriver with bit is preferable but not necessary to drive provided Philips screws into predrilled holes. 

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Love my steps/rocking boat.
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