RAD Grow Stool inspired by Magda Gerber stool

Modular RAD Grow Stool Launches: Improvement on Magda Gerber-inspired Cylindrical Stool

RAD Children’s Furniture, the first furniture manufacturer in North America to offer the Pikler-inspired triangle climbing structure that promotes gross motor development, today announced the launch of the RAD Grow Stool, an improvement on the Magda Gerber stool that has been part of the company’s inventory since its inception.

The modular RAD Grow Stool is the result of customer demand for a stool that will grow with their child. Similar to the Magda Stool, in its cylindrical design, but with one leveled edge to allow for more comfortable positioning while sitting at a table that makes the stool easier to transport by children who also use the stool for free play. The RAD Grow Stool comes with two sets of easily replaceable dowels and where the popular Magda stool requires preschoolers to wrap their arms around the top of the stool and carry it by the brim, the RAD Grow Stool is easier for a small child to grab and carry by the dowels.

More modular than the Magda stool, the RAD Grow Stool can be paired with any table in the RAD Children’s Furniture collection. When play time rolls around, the RAD Grow Stool can double as an environment for toys and can be used to create a structure with attach points on the dowels to allow for more open-ended play, a common attribute of all RAD Children’s play structures.

With an intentionally shaped seat design, toddlers can quickly reason to turn the 4-lbs. birch stool around to sit more comfortably at a table -- keeping with the RAD philosophy of creating furniture and play structures that encourage thought about the purpose of things.

Rad Children’s furniture offers movement-enhancing and thought-inspiring products through everyday activities of climbing, crawling, rocking, balancing and sitting. In addition, the brand is dedicated to growing its blog and educational platforms to include articles on child development, new products and other topics of interest to families of growing children. It can be accessed here: https://radchildrensfurniture.com/blogs/news

“Our products are in alignment with multiple philosophies of child development that honor infants and young children as equal members in relationship, incorporating a deep respect and appreciation of the baby, toddler and child. Our products and the development behind them all ascribe to this mindset,” said RAD Children’s Furniture founder Radomir Samardzic.

“We want our children to learn to problem solve and embrace their ability for self-discovery. Our products are ideated to encourage the best in themselves and in others. I knew that the RAD Grow Stool would become a popular item when I watched my two-year old son carry it around with him, use it as a Teddy Bear cave and easily position himself at his crafts table. He and his older sister are an integral part of our R&D team and provide us with daily inspiration,” said RAD Children’s Furniture co-owner and industrial designer John Poortinga.

About RAD Children’s Furniture

RAD Children’s Furniture and play structures encourage children to grow at their own pace, to enjoy the wonderment of their growing selves – to fully express themselves through movement, the power of imagination and the joy of becoming. Our furniture and play products are the offshoots of many schools of developmental thought including Pikler, RIE® (Resources for Infant Educarers), Montessori and Waldorf, among others. RAD products are handmade by American craftsmen in Southern California, using only the highest quality natural materials.

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